Versatile Indoor & Outdoor Bleachers




Tip the units up onto their wheels to move to another area or storage.

Aluminium Decks + Galvanised Steel Frame make this bleacher strong and weather resistant.

Options of Bare Aluminium Decks or Plastic Coloured Anti-UV individual seats.

From 2 to 4 Tiers High.

Up to 40 seat capacity.

Affordable price range and with a range of seat colour options these look great in school or team colours.

Additional Options: Handrails, Aisles, Seat numbers, Powder coated frames and Canopies.




Seat Options: Bare Aluminium decks, the Valentino or Lancaster plastic seats. All excellent for indoor and outdoor use.



Seating Services also offers large Permanent or Temporary Movable Grandstands for sale(not hire) to facilities for Sports Events which can be erected and disabled into a storage area or left up as desired. Some options are outlined in our brochure.